Company Retreat Follow-Up Survey Template and Questionnaire

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A well-planned retreat can boost the work culture of your office, create strong bonds, and improve inter-departmental communication. It can also help employees develop their professional skills, be more engaged, and create a seamless work-flow. But in order to ensure that your retreat was a success, you first need actionable feedback.

By following up with your employees, you can learn just what aspects of the event left a positive impression and what can be improved. Wondering what you need to ask? Our ready-to-use template has all the key company retreat follow-up questions you need to keep in mind as you get you started!

Get Insightful Feedback from Your Employees

  • Customize the Survey To get the best employee feedback about your company retreat, you need to ask the right questions. That’s why our surveys are completely customizable. Add or remove questions that pertain to your company retreat, use powerful skip logic to show only the relevant questions to each participant, and even pre-fill employee information beforehand to save their time. Beyond the content, it’s always good practice to ensure that the survey design is consistent with that of other company collateral. That’s why Sogolytics allows you to customize theme colors and backgrounds, add in your logo and remove indicators of our brand with the White Label functionality.
  • Multi-Channel Distribution If you want to get the most responses, you need to reach your employees wherever they are. If more people tend to check the company email, you can easily send the survey there, but if you notice that your employees are quicker to respond on Slack or Teams, choose the right channel to distribute the survey.The more easily accessible your survey is, the higher your response rate will be. This in turn will fuel actionable insights to improve your future company retreats and augment interim employee development programming.
  • Automated RemindersHave you sent out the company retreat follow-up questionnaire but received surprisingly few responses? It’s totally possible that your employees missed the invitation – lost amid upcoming deadlines and newer tasks – but it’s critical to collect answers while the experience is still fresh. Just set up an automated reminder to nudge non-participants at regular intervals. Reminders are easy to customize and can boost your response rate to give you the insights you need.


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