Post-Event Survey

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Once it’s all over, everyone has perspective and insight to offer. Capture feedback quickly while ideas are still fresh.

So, how did it go? After an event, you have so much to do. From clean-up to paying bills, reaching out to participants might be the last thing on your mind. But before you close up shop completely, sending a quick follow-up survey is one of the best steps you can take.

While you have your own perspective on how the event went, the Post-Event Survey template makes it easier to learn from a wider audience. Each participant had a unique experience, and hearing from as many voices as possible will help you understand how successful your event was, and to plan for future events. Plus, beyond asking questions, you’ll have a final chance to solidify the takeaways from your event, share any follow-up information, and maybe even check in on who’s interested in coming next year.

Before you put your feet up, send a quick survey to check in with your event guests. You may need a break before planning the next event, but the data you collect now can pay off nicely when you’re ready to start again.


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