Presenter Feedback Survey Template

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Following a presentation, hear from participants to understand if their expectations were met, how well the presentation conveyed the intended points, and whether the presenter succeeded. Feedback can be used to improve this presentation or to inform future decisions and schedules.

A good presentation can be inspiring, engaging, and compelling. A bad presentation can be boring, confusing, or disappointing. Either way, the audience is left with a lasting impression of the presenter and the topic. How would you rate your latest presentation? No matter the opinion of the presenter, the experience of the audience matters most.

Some audience feedback will be obvious right away, from attendance to facial expression to levels of applause. Still, an applause meter can only tell you so much. As a presenter or an event organizer, gather more valuable feedback with the Presenter Feedback Survey. Nobody wants to disappoint an audience, but it’s much easier to make improvements if you know how well expectations have been met.

Feedback can be used to improve the quality of the presentation, the style of the presenter, or even the schedule of future presentations. The best presentations are a collaboration between presenter, audience, and organizer. Be sure your next presentation meets your goals by ensuring communication is more than just one-way.


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