Vendor Event Feedback Survey Template

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Collect feedback from vendors following an event to understand the complete picture using our event feedback survey. With their broad range of experiences, vendors can offer valuable and sometimes unexpected insights. You focus on a successful event, and we'll deliver insightful event feedback questions to get you the answers you need.

Vendors can have a huge impact on the success of an event, and their broad range of experiences make their perspectives especially valuable. Yet event planners often fail to send out an event feedback survey to collect this feedback while it’s still fresh.

The Vendor Event Feedback Survey is designed to offer insight into your vendors’ experiences at your event. Our event feedback survey questions are specifically designed to answer pertinent questions: Were their requests honored? Did they have the space and the equipment they needed? Was their placement considerate of their specific content and/or materials? What would they change next year? And, perhaps most importantly, will they plan to return next year?

Your vendors are just as much a part of your event as your presenters, and participants will certainly provide feedback on all aspects of your event. Be sure to extend the same courtesy to your vendors, showing you value their voices as well as their participation.


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