Training Needs Assessment Survey Template and Questionnaire

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Help employees grow professionally by enabling them to be more proactive and stay inspired. Supported and enabled employees become engaged – a key characteristic that makes the difference between a capable employee and one who is exceptional.

Professional development training can give your team members the encouragement and skills they need to not only tackle common workspace dilemmas, but transform the way they work, boosting efficiency and creating a more innovative work culture.

Start by asking your employees to self-assess and identify the topics and skills they would benefit from learning more about, their preferred delivery format, and more. Our Training Needs Assessment Survey template is a great place to get started.

Engage Your Employees with the Right Training

  • Customize the Survey Create a survey that is perfectly suited for your organization. Add or remove questions, tailor the flow for different teams, and ensure you’re using all the right language and naming conventions for your organization and industry. The more direct and clear your survey is, the more reliable your responses will be.You can also customize the look and feel of your training needs assessment questionnaire with our White Label feature. After all, it’s always good practice to ensure consistency across all business documents. Accent your questionnaire and invitations with your brand colors and add your logo to ensure that your employees know it’s official.
  • View Overarching Patterns As answers come in, what trends do you notice? Is there a specific training topic that has received the most interest? Do your employees have a preferred training location? What training method do they believe to be the most effective?Take a quick look at response patterns using our leading analytics. You can further segment responses by departments or teams for a more granular look at their specific training needs, enabling you to strategize the programs for optimum effectiveness.
  • Share the ReportKeep everyone on the same page by easily sharing the real-time reports across channels. You can add in filters to help the executive team see response patterns highlighting the need of the hour, tailor the look and feel of the report with versatile analytics, and more.Share the report URL as needed, even with team members who don’t have a Sogolytics account, to give everyone the big picture view of the responses.


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