Build better employee engagement

Your employees' needs are as diverse as they are, and they all want to belong to an organization that cares. Smart, targeted employee engagement survey questions will help you learn what is needed to improve the employee experience.

Discover employee expectations through employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement is often a talking point for CEOs and Presidents, and a powerful employee engagement survey tool can empower department leaders from Accounting to HR to IT with insightful information.

Sogolytics’ employee engagement software positions all managers for success with easy-to-use survey design, distribution, and reporting tools and resources.

Do more with dynamic, robust, and advanced analytics.

  • Gather honest, meaningful data quickly with expert-designed employee survey questions.
  • Monitor real-time employee survey results to handle issues as they arise.
  • Share employee engagement research data across departments and address company-wide challenges.
Prioritize Your People
  • An Employee Experience Management Platform ideally designed for Enterprises.
  • Understand and improve employee experience at every stage.
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Employee engagement surveys—personalized

Driving employee engagement starts with employees who feel appreciated and respected by their organization. Employee survey questions need to elicit specific information without forcing staff into binary choices. Our employee engagement survey templates provide the structure you need to make the most out of your internal company dialogues.

Tailor made for a perfect fit

You’ve got all your employees’ information and much more, so make it work for you. Sogolytics’ employee engagement survey software lets you customize communications in dozens of ways, showing employees you recognize their unique perspectives.

Security Comes Standard

Data privacy is more than protecting password logins. Sogolytics’ team of engineers are dedicated to preventing all types of cyber threats. Our top-tier security protocols allow organizations and participants to be certain that, using our employee engagement platform, anonymous messaging will stay that way.

Employee engagement software that makes everything real

Make sure you’re reviewing employee engagement survey metrics that matter. Our features, tools, and reports help you get to the heart of what your organization needs.

  • Auto-fill data from personnel records for shorter and more engaging outreaches.
  • Connect with our support team around the clock for help whenever you need it.
  • Start from professional survey templates and customize them meet your needs.
  • Learn from history with interdepartmental reporting that tracks progress and success.

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