Comprehensive employee experience management surveys

Our secure employee experience survey platform helps you gather, analyze, and mobilize employee data to transform your workplace, attract better candidates, and improve employee retention.

Powerful, secure, and flexible employee experience management platform

What motivates your employees? What would they change? Hear what your employees are really saying with our expertly designed employee experience survey software.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Automated pulse surveys and response tracking for increased participation
  • Integrated analytics
  • Honest feedback through true anonymity

Get the answers you need to create the workspace you want.

End-to-End employee experience management

Across the employee lifecycle, they have the most valuable insights to boost productivity, lower attrition rates, and create your ideal work environment. With our secure employee experience management platform, you can begin gathering insights from day one and continue gathering actionable, quality data at key touchpoints.


Company branding and identity matters. Establish your image as you pre-screen potential employees with customized surveys and assessments.


Use our employee survey tool to find out what’s resonating with new hires and management to improve the onboarding process with employee experience surveys and feedback.


Assess your employees’ knowledge, identify learning gaps, and help them develop their professional skills using customized assessments, surveys, and quizzes. These are enhanced with anonymity to facilitate open and honest feedback as well.


Keep your employees engaged, monitor their well-being, and avoid burnout by taking proactive actions to boost retention and improve productivity with automated workforce pulse surveys.

Exit Interview

There is something to learn at every stage. Our employee experience survey tool generates exit interview insights to help reduce future attrition.

Employee experience surveys as they should be:
engaging, intuitive, and private

SogoEX helps you collect honest, specific, and useful responses with ease. Our employee feedback software will help you overcome any obstacles to gathering quality data for improving employee experience management and driving organization-wide changes.

Easy and Flexible

The intuitive interface is designed for everyone and allows you to easily administer professional employee experience surveys, assessment, quizzes, polls, and more!
Our employee survey templates are optimized to ensure that you get the most out of our software.

Anonymous and Secure

Protects participants’ confidentiality, enabling them to speak freely.
Increase Employee engagement and get the most actionable feedback with confidential employee experience surveys.

Captivating Dashboards and Clear Reports

Advanced data collection, management, and analytics are built into every aspect of our employee experience management software.

  • Follow real-time trends in employee behavior and beliefs with data-rich employee experience reports.
  • Track patterns and changes over time to provide department and team leads with the information they need to be effective managers and build on success.

“I tried another employee survey tool and it just wasn’t sophisticated enough to provide the results I needed. The branching and logic in Sogo is powerful and easier to use and gave me the data I required.”

Edward Terry

Manager of Information Services

What is employee experience management?
Employee experience management refers to the impacting and influencing of every milestone of the employee’s journey with an organization, from recruitment to continued retention. The right EX strategy can significantly improve employee efficiency and satisfaction. This in turn can positively affect the CX delivered by your organization (after all, EX has a direct influence on CX).

    Through effective employee experience management, you can further:

  • Understand employee expectations and learning gaps with regular pulse surveys
  • Provide professional development assessments to increase engagement and boost productivity
  • Enable employee feedback at key touch points to understand and counter employee dissatisfaction and increase retention.


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