Extended Event Planning Survey Template

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Plan your event by opening a conversation with potential attendees and ensure a good event and an open line of communication throughout the process.

You’ve got an event coming up, but are you ready? There are so many questions to answer, not to mention all of the things that could go wrong… or better than expected! Luckily, the more information you have early on, the better your chances at pulling off a great event.

This Event Planning Survey offers a solid start to your preparation process. What do your participants want? What do your vendors need? What content should be covered? Do your research. According to MPI Meetings Outlook, 20-30 minutes is the amount of time attendees prefer for a presentation.

Make sure your audience is happy with what they’re seeing — and how long they’re sitting — by drilling down on data that can make the difference for your presenters, your participants, and your bottom line. Take the risk out of event planning by making sure you’re covering all your bases in advance. Whether it’s food or fun, location or lodging, you’ve got enough to figure out, so collect the answers early to save the time you’d spend guessing.


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