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SoGoSurvey offers more than 15 ready-to-go survey question types to ensure you get the right data. These include basic question types such as radio buttons, check boxes, and text boxes, as well as advanced survey question types such as:

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Matrix Grid

This question type allows you to ask multiple related questions along the same scale.


These pre-formatted fields automatically validate the data received, such as email address, ZIP code, and phone number.


Attachment questions are useful when you need your participant to upload a file directly into the survey.

Net Promoter Score

This widely recognized scale allows you to better understand customer loyalty toward your brand, company, or service.

Take advantage of advanced question types to make the most of every single answer

Drill Down

This advanced question type allows participants to respond to multiple interdependent questions in a condensed design.


Use CAPTCHA questions to safeguard your surveys from spam bots and make sure your responses are coming from real people.

Symbol Rating Scale

This question type is a visual version of the basic Rating Scale question. For each item, participants choose their level of agreement, satisfaction, etc.

Image Choice

This question type comes in handy when you want participants to pick the right picture(s). You may upload images from your computer or use an image URL.


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