Guaranteed Anonymity

Few things matter more to survey respondents than anonymity of their responses. Unlike other survey software, SoGoSurvey guarantees anonymity.

  • Ensures survey administrators can never link participants to their responses
  • Encourages truly candid feedback
  • Improves response rates

Does your online survey tool allow you to create an anonymous survey with guaranteed anonymity? Unlike other survey tools that collect and remove identifying information, SoGoSurvey features true anonymity through superior technology. What's more, the SoGoSurvey system can even send reminders to non-participants in an anonymous survey while guaranteeing the anonymity of participants.

When you create an anonymous survey with SoGoSurvey, administrators can never link participants to their responses. Your anonymous survey will help to ensure honest answers and quality reports that management can use to support an effective action plan. Creating an anonymous survey boosts response rates and helps to promote workplace harmony because employees trust that responses will be private.

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